Strengths and Possibilities

Last May, Meg, Lira, Diana and Owen attended the Stewards by Design conference held by the Presbyterian Church in Canada.  Based on the Book ‘Twelve Keys to an Effective Church’ by Kennon Callahan, they learned how strong healthy churches grow into the life to which God is inviting us by building on the strengths we have been blessed with and exploring the possibilities God gives us.

Please come to the Annual Congregational Meeting,
Sunday, March 29, following the morning service,
to begin an exploration of our Strengths and Possibilities.

This process is based on fun and sharing, discussing and dreaming.  We start with the understanding that we live in the joy of God’s abundant grace.  As we claim our strengths, we claim our gifts from God and share compassion, community and hope with the world around us.

The 12 Keys are listed here so that we can all start to become familiar with them. Each will be discussed in more detail leading up to the ACM.

One Major Mission Outreach: helping directly, out in the world One Major Program: serving people and families in the church
Shepherding Visitation: sharing personal visiting with those in the congregation and in the community  Open Accessibility: having an excellent location with good access and signs of welcome
Stirring, Helpful Worship: preaching, music and worship that is warm, welcoming and inspiring High Visibility: being seen in the community through location, signage, communications and people
Meaningful Relational Groupings: having a variety of groups that are inclusive, warm and welcoming Land and Landscaping: having sufficient land, inviting landscaping and adequate parking
Strong Leadership Team: being led by a diverse group of people who love, listen, learn and lead Adequate Facilities: having spacious, well cared for, inviting space for all our activities
Solid Decision Process:  making decisions based on our objectives in an open and inclusive way Generous Giving:  having solid financial resources

Our discussion at the ACM begins a process that will continue over the next several months, as we claim our Strengths and join together to expand and build on them.  Please watch for more information in upcoming newsletters and Sunday bulletins and on this page.

We look forward to seeing you on March 29 as we have fun together exploring God’s Possibilities for St. Stephen’s!